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I occasionally write about cities and technology.


Hey there. I'm Nick Bowden. I’ve been very fortunate to spend my entire career working at the intersection of technology and cities. From public servant to tech company founder, I’ve witnessed the impact of technology on cities from all perspectives. Along the way, the work and products have touched more than 10,000 public agencies and four million citizens. 


community redesigned

Community ReDesigned was an urban planning and landscape architecture firm founded on the principle of "citizen-sourcing", the belief that successful community design required a citizen-first approach. That core belief propelled the firm to work on various projects across the Midwest. Community ReDesigned was acquired in 2014.



MindMixer productized the citizen-first approach, allowing governments to connect with and solicit ideas from citizens. In less than five years, MindMixer was utilized by more than 1,500 agencies, engaged more than 3 million citizens, and helped collect more than 100,000 ideas. 



mySidewalk makes geo-spatial data easy to use. Every organization wants to use data more effectively to make better decisions, yet so many continue to use the same tools and processes, expecting different results. mySidewalk provides those agencies with pre-created analysis templates, turning data-driven decision making into a single click.