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If you are interested in the future of cities, you should care about the rapid proliferation of autonomous vehicle technology. Cities are by and large planned around the ability to move people and goods. Therefore, any major shift in how those people and goods are moved will likely have a proportional impact to the way cities function.

The term autonomous or self-driving vehicles is often discussed only in the context of personal vehicle use. Most likely, personal vehicles will be the 4th mobility mode impacted behind heavy freight, delivery vehicles, and public transit.



There are lots of young people. They are driving less. Cars aren't cheap. We like our smartphones so much we think cars should work just like them.


From the Blog: Passive Intelligence for Government

Every government wants to use data to make better decisions. This desire and need is being supporting both from within government and by a handful of interesting companies like SmartProcureMark43, and GovInvest.


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